Management. Construction. Design.

Lleal Group is a full service Real Estate Consultant firm. From concept development to completion, we strive on delivering timeless quality. We brings more than 20 years of experience in Design & Construction Management with a global practice in Hospitality, Luxury Retail, and Real Estate development.

Our leadership, strategic thinking, problem solving and negotiating expertise combined with a strong client mindset and ability to identify client’s needs, helps us to achieve long lasting collaborations with internal and external stakeholders.

OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE: We assist our clients to define their goals from pre development to close out. We help them build the team, budget and schedule that would ultimately deliver superior results.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Our experience and expertise on all phases of a project allow us to lead and collaborate with the team of professionals and contractors in an effective manner, taking into consideration local and global trends, to successfully achieve our clients goals.

DESIGN: The environments we create and build are carefully tailored to the expectations of our clients to enhance their customers’ experience.

COST & RISK MANAGEMENT: We work with the team to define the assumptions and identify potential challenges and risks to create a mitigation plan that continues to be assessed as the assumptions evolve.

Lleal core philosophy is based on the principal of “Integrated Thinking”. We believe in finding effective and simple solutions to complex problems that arise during any project in a cross disciplinary approach.

Studio Fees

[padder_10] Fees based on scope of work, complexity & duration. Please contact us to provide you with further information.
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